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Customer Service Line

Our customer service team, with its experienced staff, serves to provide the best customer experience in the industry to all our individual and corporate customers.

Feedback from our customers directly to our company; We believe it is the most effective way to learn about their problems, expectations and perceptions regarding our products and services. In this respect, all of our Customer Service employees handle feedback and complaints from a “Primary Customer” perspective. Feedback received by YN Petrol Customer Services is handled as quickly as possible.



Castrol, the pioneer of mineral oil technology and innovation, has been operating for 120 years in the world and for 66 years in Turkey, developing advanced technology oils that provide high performance under difficult conditions.

Castrol's head office in Istanbul, located in 5 continents and 140 countries, operates as an international operational base that manages 11 countries in the Castrol world. Standing out with its Castrol MAGNATEC, Castrol EDGE, Castrol VECTON, Castrol CRB Turbomax and Castrol POWER1 brands, the corporation produces lubricants for the industry, marine, air and energy sectors in addition to the oils it produces for automobiles, commercial vehicles and motorcycles.

One of the 8 production facilities of Castrol, which is the original filling oil of leading vehicle brands by carrying out joint engineering studies with the leading vehicle manufacturers in the world, is located in Gemlik and the lubricants produced here are exported to 20 countries.

Leading the industry with its environmentally friendly products, Castrol also makes a difference in the sector in the field of environmental sustainability with Turkey's first and only vegetable-based engine oil, Castrol MAGNATEC BIO-SYNTHETIC. Castrol, which produces oils at the center of technological achievements on land, in the air, at sea and even in space, has also played a role in breaking the world land speed record 21 times.